What Can ArtBarcs do for You? (Interview with Lucy Liu)

One thing that most people have in common is the fact we don’t have enough time to really enjoy the arts. With schooling, work, family and traffic (especially if you live in Chicago!) – finding free time is pretty hard these days.

That’s where ArtBarcs comes in.

Lucy Liu, founder of ArtBarcs, says one of the main reasons for creating ArtBarcs is to make it easier for those who would like to start collecting art but don’t have the available time to put in the effort.

Here is Lucy Liu during her visit to the Louvre in Paris, France.

“Most people, starting out, don’t really know what they like,” Lucy says. “People can’t go to 100 galleries a day to try to figure out their tastes.”

ArtBarcs lets potential collectors browse through its immense catalogues of many different kinds of art which are hand-selected by Lucy and her team of curators  for user convenience. With such a vast volume to choose from, the odds of finding favorite pieces are high. Users will then be prompted to either “Love It” or “Next” the piece of art shown using the gadget on the website – a rating that tailors the following pieces of art that come up in succession.

“This is why ArtBarcs works for all types of potential collectors – there’s something for everyone just waiting to be discovered,” Lucy says. “Some buyers might be intimidated by the art scene, ArtBarcs also cuts out that fear, making art collecting approachable and accessible.”

Other than aiding in the ease of art discovery for potential collectors, ArtBarcs also benefits the artists who create the featured art. Throughout the website, artist biographies are featured along with information about each artist. This not only develops a community of ArtBarcs artists online, but also an artist/collector relationship that could grow substantially over the years. Our primary mission is help you ensure your art is seen by, shared by, and talked-about by a large global audience of art-lovers.

See the ArtBarcs magic for yourself by visiting the website! See what art speaks to you now!

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