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The ArtBarcs Team

The ArtBarcs team includes an impressive array of globally renowned investors, artists, collectors, critics, Ph.D. researchers, government leaders, intellectual property experts, and others who collectively form the backbone of ArtBarcs and its Art Recommendation Technology (ART).

Lucy Q. Liu - Chief Curator

Lucy is a painter of romantic landscapes and seascapes who has been working extensively to develop a unique style of expression that focuses on colors and emotions.
As the director of the Florsheim Mansion Artist In Residence Program, which she co-founded in 2007, Lucy worked closely with numerous artists, and became more acutely aware of the difficulties artists face. With her extensive business consulting background and industry knowledge in management and finance (a native of China, Lucy was educated in Europe and US where she earned her MBA and MSc. in Finance), Lucy was able to see solutions by having one foot in the art scene, and another in the business community.
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Jason Wu

Jason Wu is the president of ArtBarcs and leads the team of technology professionals and Art Recommendation Technology (ART) researchers. Mr. Wu has managed complex and innovative technology engagements at a leading global healthcare company and other premier firms. He presently directs the large team of ArtBarcs technologists including skilled programmers, award-winning creative professionals in the US and London, and Ph.D. artist researchers who have built ArtBarc's acclaimed Art Recommendation Technology (ART). Wu holds a BS in BioEngineering from the University of Illinois Chicago.

Russ W. Rosenzweig

Russ W. Rosenzweig is an entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for founding Round Table Group, the world's first and largest expert witness network which was acquired last year by ThomsonReuters. Drawing upon his success in connecting leading experts with paying clients, Mr. Rosenzweig now is helping connect the world's leading artists with collectors and art lovers. He holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he has been teaching and advising entrepreneurs for the past 15 years. He is also an alumnus of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Group. Artistically, Mr. Rosenzweig is a top-ranked amateur clarinetist who has performed the full range of the solo clarinet repertoire in concert with some of the world's leading musicians. He is a Governing Member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Chamber Musicians.

Kathryn Born

Kathryn Born serves as an Senior Advisor to the project, with a focus on directing marketing and public relations at ArtBarcs. She has worked with recommendations and taxonomy system as it applies to arts and culture. Ms. Born is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Chicago Art Magazine, an online publication that is part of Chicago Art Machine, a media company that publishes articles and creates software related to the topics of independent film , technology, and art. Born is an artist, writer, film maker, technologist, and art critic. She is the editor of the anthology, The Essential New Art Examiner, published by NIU Press.
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