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How do I become an ArtBarcs artist?

Our curatorial staff is dedicated to finding and selecting the finest living artists in the world, both established masters and newly discovered talent. If you are a full-time professional artists (or committed to be), and believe you have the skill, passion, and perseverance to become more globally well-known, please provide us with your name and artwork website so our curators can review your materials, arrange for an interview and studio visit and, perhaps, send you an invitation to join ArtBarcs. Then upload your art and get discovered.
Request an Invitation.

How do I upload art to ArtBarcs?

First, APPLY to become an ArtBarcs artist. Then upload and submit your art for review by ArtBarcs curators.

How do I get more exposure for my art?

Once you are admitted, your art could be featured on ArtBarcs.com. Featured art is reviewed by growing global group ArtBarcs patrons, so artists have a greater chance of getting discovered.

How can I sell artwork on ArtBarcs?

At ArtBarcs, our mission is to help artists become more globally well-known, and to help artists sell more works. After your are admitted, you will upload pieces of art to be viewed by out growing global group of art patrons. Include details about your pricing with each art piece that you submit which we keep on file privately. Our trained staff will serve as your agents/managers as we coach and advise individuals, companies, and even governments about their art purchases. When we find a buyer for your work, then, voila! We send you a check and you ship the art.
Learn more.

What is the selection process? Why were my pieces chosen?

ArtBarcs undertakes a thorough and rigorous "curatorial" process in which our research team locates, assesses, and invites a select number of artists to participate as ArtBarcs Artists.
First, our team spent many months discussing and debating curatorial standards before agreeing upon our "middle ground" selection process for art pieces which combines approachability with strong technique and significant art training. (Excluded from the selection criteria are things like price, availability, and geographic location of the piece.)
Next, our research staff (including highly trained art institute graduates and art collectors) undertook multi-year process to identify leading living artists and their artwork. This exhaustive web research included a massive compilation of artist websites, combined with professional referrals, social media, schools, institutions, membership organizations and specific search of particular types of out.
Finally, this large list of prospective ArtBarcs art pieces was reduced based on the curatorial standards, and then presented to our curators who selected for invitation a small percentage of the finalists. We have personally interviewed the finalists, met privately with many of them in their studios, and even became collectors ourselves in many instances!
We will continue our search, as this is an ongoing process. In time, we will be asking ArtBarcs artists to nominate peers whom they particularly admire. As well, artists will be welcome to apply directly to ArtBarcs for admission.

Why was my uploaded art not approved?

Artbarcs takes every admission very seriously, and works within a "middle-ground curatorial philosophy". We are looking for art that is both sophisticated, yet approachable, and appeals to a wide audience. If a piece is not approved, it doesn't mean we didn't think it was good art, it simply means it wasn't a good match for Artbarcs at this time. Often: either 1) we have an overabundance of already-submitted pieces that fall within this particular style or subject matter and/or, 2) it doesn't fall within our curatorial mandate for "approachability" within the context of our audience.
If you have looked at dozens of pages of artwork on the Artbarcs site, and are convinced that your work is a match, please feel free to submit one more batch of work (5 images) for review.
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