Featured Artist: Alejandra Corral

Reflection, ID #13673

Happy post-Thanksgiving to our US readers!  Last month, we caught up with Alejandra Corral, a Spanish-born, US-raised artist working in Madrid.  Read her brief interview below.

I create art because art is the means of expression with which I feel more comfortable. It is probably the only one that enables me to be fully see-through.

I feel most creative when my life is stable. Like Paul Klee, I need emotional stability to be able to create with full potential. But I also need action going on, projects, challenges and deadlines. So it is when all this elements come together that my creative Big Bang takes place.

Café, ID #12681

I listen to the radio while working, mainly news, talk shows and tertulias. 

The thing I am most looking forward to is to be able to move people’s consciousness through my art.

My favorite quote is: every cloud has a silver lining.

I will not make art just for money.

Sweet, ID #13787

My proudest accomplishment is to have had the courage to take decisions I thought where correct, but that went against what I had been taught or against what was expected from me.

A perfect day is a bright and artistically productive day. Or a cold sunny winter day having had a wonderful long horse back ride in the mountains.

My biggest indulgence is a good glass of red wine after a long day of work at my studio.

My fondest childhood memory is the smell of pretzels in Manhattan streets and the sound of Coquis (autochthonous frogs from Puerto Rico) at dusk.

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