Featured Artist: Christopher Mir

The Falls ID 11799

Christopher Mir’s paintings invite us to experience a series of unsettling juxtapositions. Astronauts have insect wings, sleepwalking children walk barefoot in mountainous terrain, and spiderwebs extend over the sky. Futuristic machines are placed in primal and mythical settings.  Yet the ordered composition and strong technique counterbalance the poetic and irrational themes, creating a realistic dreamscape.

Triad ID 10414

To create this kind of painting, extensive planning is involved. The painting begins with a digital composite, like a “virtual collage” — but once it is recreated on the canvas in paint, the image is brought to life and becomes something entirely different.

Vanishing Point ID 11178

Mir’s work has received extensive critical acclaim, including a favorable review in Artforum, arguably the most prestigious art magazine in print. For over a decade he has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions across the globe, from Spain and Switzerland to New York City.

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