Featured Artist: Judith Raviv

Untitled, ID #13084

Based in Israel, Judith Raviv works primarily in acrylics, depicting dreamlike representations of birds and wildlife.  We caught up with Judith and asked her a few questions about her work and everyday life.

I create art because, for me it is a way to talk about matters that can’t be expressed by other ways of talking.  There are matters that can’t be vocally expressed.


I feel most creative when I decide that I’m working, and usually it is every morning.

Untitled, ID #10241

I listen to radio programs or music (classic, jazz or music from local artists) while working.

The thing I am most looking forward to are my coming projects.

My favorite quote is from SZYMBORSKA’S “Vermeer”:

So long as that woman from the Rijksmuseum
in painted quiet and concentration
keeps pouring milk day after day
from the pitcher to the bowl
the World hasn’t earned
the world’s end.

Untitled, ID #12172

I will not make art when – There is no possible situation that I’ll not do art as long as I live.

My proudest accomplishment is my family and my achievements in my career.

A perfect day is – Every day can be a perfect day when I think positively.

My biggest indulgence is buying shoes.

My fondest childhood memory is my mom teaching me painting as a three year old, and my first time going alone to the cinema.

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