Featured Artist: Mark Ulriksen

Gone!, ID #12000

Mark Ulriksen is an artist and illustrator based in San Francisco.  He has over 30 covers to his name from the New Yorker.  We caught up with Mark and asked him a mini-Q & A about his work and love of sports.

I create art because I feel I was born to do this.

I feel most creative when I’ve have a cup of coffee in my system, a blank piece of paper on my drafting table and an idea or two in my head.

All All-Stars, ID #10969

I listen to the SF Giants, NPR, and music while working.

The thing I am most looking forward to is earning enough money so that I can expand my 150 square foot studio.

My favorite quote is “David (Remnick, New Yorker editor) wants to run your cover”.

I will not make art when I’m dead and gone, as far as I know.

Lost Dog, ID #12094

My proudest accomplishment is the family life my wife, kids, and I have created.

A perfect day is sunny, with family, friends, food, drink and conversation.

My biggest indulgence is dark chocolate or salami.

My fondest childhood memory is playing kickball in the street with the neighborhood kids.

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