Featured Artist: Monique de Roux

Bodegón con personajes, ID #10309

Monique de Roux is a French-born, Spanish-based artist, working across many mediums like drawing, etching, and mixed media.  Monique recently answered a handful of AB’s questions about her practice; here they are below!

I create art because I need it.

I feel most creative when I feel peaceful.
I listen to silence while working.

Los novios, ID #10822

The thing I am most looking forward to is to see in front of me what I had in mind and in heart.

My favorite quote is “Car l’amour est fort comme la mort.”

I will not make art in a hurry.

My proudest accomplishment is to be able to accept.

La fuite, ID #14049

A perfect day is to think there are no perfect days.

My biggest indulgence is for children.

My fondest childhood memory is La Mediteranèe.

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