Featured Artist: Sha Zijian

2012, ID #11152

Before traveling abroad, Sha participated in many important exhibitions. But after going abroad in 2005, most of his activities were in France. For an artist, the differences between the two countries, the social environment and culture differences, are whole new experiences. Sha said: “my creation has changed, especially when I was in France, all of a sudden I felt free, these dreams, woods and other stuff in my paintings are all coming from my old days in France. before that I also cared about the inner world, but a little bit depressing when i was in China, my thinking was not mature enough.”

Sha Zijian’s works have a kind of sadness, a sense of the passage, in place of light and shadow, in the green jungle, giving a sense of deja vu. “I think any artist would consciously or unconsciously impact by others, no matter how you draw someone would have painted already, so, how to show something special which only belongs to yourself is the most important ” Sha said.

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