Featured Artist: Shoshanna Givon

Mashker I, ID #13450

A working artist with an education in archeology and geography,  Shoshanna Givon’s work has a way of tying together the ideas of geography and memory. Her art explores the influences of location and traditions on a personal level, tapping into the various patterns and motifs that vary from region to region. One theme of her art practice is the imagery of lost objects. When her mother moved from Yemen to Israel, as a way of demonstrating complete commitment to the new state, they were asked to leave absolutely everything behind —  even their jewelry and treasured possessions. The images of these objects remain a consistent symbol in Givon’s work. Images of jewelry designs, lace, and textiles—all delicate and fragile objects—are transformed into metal etchings. “I found myself drawn to dense textures—carpets and embroidery—which was influenced by the surroundings in which I flourished and lived,” said Shoshanna.

Miriam 6, ID #10971

As the years progressed, she moved into printmaking and textiles. In one series, she silkscreened images of her daughter onto fabric; in another series, trees with branches that appear as a lace pattern. Whatever the subject, the theme is always the elaborate and ornate pattern and the interwoven nature of existence.

SG is based in Israel. Her work has been exhibited internationally; from Nord Art International Exhibition to the Virtual Art Museum at the MOCA in Brooklyn.

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