This week’s Artist Up Close: Michael Chearney

Painting since he was 2 years old, artist Michael Chearney is a vibrant spirit whose excitement and emotion can be seen in all of his outstanding work. In this edition of Artist Up Close, ArtBarcs asks Michael a handful of questions to get to know the man behind the paint.

Michael Chearney

This is artist Michael Chearney sitting in his art studio covered in his paint after one of his unique and expressive painting sessions.

Like his favorite quote says, Michael’s abstract artwork lets his work explain itself. What do you think this piece titled “Into The Sunset 2” expresses? Answer in the comments at the end of the post.

This piece is titled “In Search Of The Miraculous.” Notice the sophisticated color balance and almost sculptural 3-dimensional quality Michael achieves with his paint application style.

Much of Michael's work includes sand from the beaches he visits. This one has a handful from Santa Monica Beach.

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